Evernote vs OneNote: The Best Note-taking App in 2020

We have more information to remember than ever before. Fortunately, we have more tools to help us remember things than ever before, too––but choosing a note-taking tool isn’t as simple as it sounds. Most note-taking apps do the same things: Save and organize digital notes Search saved notes, clippings, and files Sync across multiple devices […]

Guide to some of the best creative tutorial sites on the web

This guide comes from personal experience of using these creative sites to stay up to date with software and to enhance my own creative skills. Whilst working as a freelance designer, I came across many website offering tutorials on any from pdf training to digital painting. In this article I will give you a guide […]

Who am I and why am I here

I’m Sharon, a Designer and Illustrator born and bred in England and my passion is creativity. The doors are open. Let us open our minds together and see the possibilities that go beyond the surface. Let us embrace our abilities to create, each one of us in his/her own way. There are no limits! My […]