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My Story

I am Sharon, a Designer/Illustrator born in England and my passion is creativity. The doors are open. Let us open our minds together and see the possibilities that go beyond the surface. Let us embrace our abilities to create, each one of us in his/her own way. There are no limits!

My creative experiences started as a child when I took art classes in school and excelled at illustration. I have worked as a Illustrator and have created infographics, flat design illustrations and icons. I am also experienced in creating vector illustrations, drawing doodles and objects by hand and digitally.
Working in the freelance world can be very challenging as it is a highly masculine and competitive field to work in. I have decided to put my energy into covering creative world and provide content which will help others. In the future I will be providing tools to help you such as practice pdfs, video tutorials and more.
This blog will cover all aspects of the creative world including design, illustration including doodles, drawing and software, courses and more. You can also subscribe to my blog and follow my blog via email.

Thanks and enjoy.
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