Review: Office 2019 is the best advertisement yet for Office 365

When Microsoft released Office 2019 for Windows this fall, it did so not with a bang, but a whisper. In years gone by, Microsoft typically trumpeted new Office releases with great fanfare and hoopla, but this time it released a blog post or two with few details and left it at that. There’s good reason for that: Microsoft is […]

Design Tool Showdown – Adobe XD vs. Sketch (2019)

Sketch, a well-established design tool, has enjoyed phenomenal growth since its introduction in 2010. In 2016, Adobe introduced XD as a formidable competitor. After nearly three years of development, does Adobe XD offer enough of a challenge for designers to consider a change? The UX design process is complex and requires the use of specific […]

Google Slides vs PowerPoint vs Keynote: Everything You Need to Know

Are you trying to figure out which presentation program to go with? Between Google Slides vs PowerPoint or Apple Keynote, it can be hard deciphering the differences between each one — especially if you’re short on time. Fortunately, you don’t have to. We’ll be doing the hard work for you by comparing the similarities and […]

10 Best 2D Animation Software in 2020 [Free/Paid]

When you are trying to make funny cartoons within 7 steps, explainer videos, or informative shorts to post online, 2D animation software can come in handy. With access to a 2D animation maker, you can create intricate and interesting stories that will help you connect with your audience. Whether you are teaching a group of kids, showing employees […]